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This link extractor tool helps you extract URLs from any web page. With this tool, you can easily extract internal and external links from any online webpage. This is a great way to collect all existing links on a web page for further analysis or reference.

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How To Get All URLs From Webpage

  1. Enter the URL link of the webpage in the text box shown below
  2. Select the URL type of you want: All Links, Internal Links or External Links
  3. Click the "Extract URL" button

How to Extract All Links from a Webpage Using JavaScript

Using JavaScript in the browser console is a fast and efficient way to extract all links from a webpage. After running this JavaScript code, you will get two separate arrays: one for external links and one for internal links.

Here's a simple guide on how to do this using JavaScript:

Step-by-Step Guide Extract links

  1. Open your browser: Go to the webpage you want to extract links from

  2. Open the Browser Developer Tools:

    • In Chrome, you can do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows/Linux or Cmd + Option + I on Mac.

    • 1. Alternatively, you can right-click on the webpage and select "Inspect".

  3. Navigate to the Console Tab: Once Developer Tools is open, click on the "Console" tab.

  4. Run the JavaScript Code: Copy and paste the following JavaScript code into the console and press Enter

let external_links = [];
let internal_links = [];
let urls = {};

const regex_href = /^javascript:void/;
const current_host_name = window.location.hostname;
const a_tags = document.querySelectorAll("a");

a_tags.forEach( a => {
    let href = a.getAttribute("href");
    if (href) {
        if (href && href.charAt(0) == "#" || regex_href.test(href)) {
        let current_link = {
            url: a.href,
            name: a.innerText || a.href
        const link_hostname = new URL(a.href).hostname;
        if (link_hostname == current_host_name) {
        } else {

urls.internal = internal_links;
urls.external = external_links;
urls.all = [...internal_links, ...external_links];

// show all links

// show external links only
// console.log(urls.external);

// show internal links only
// console.log(urls.internal);

To copy or preview the array URL list, follow these steps: Copy the JavaScript code provided below and paste it into the Console tab of your browser's developer tools. Press Enter, and a new window will open displaying the array list.

Note: If the popup window is disabled, you will need to enable it.
let code = urls.all;
// let code = urls.internal;
// let code = urls.external;

var popup_page ="", "_blank");
const doc ='<pre>' + JSON.stringify(code, null, 4) + '</pre>';

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