Online HTML Editor WYSIWYG Text Edit

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor is a software tool that enables users to create, format, and edit text documents in a way that visually matches the final output. Unlike traditional text editors that display only plain text and markup or code, WYSIWYG editors display the document as it will appear when printed or viewed by end users. This means that users can immediately see the results of formatting changes such as font styles, colors, alignment, and embedded media.

Features of WYSIWYG text editors
  • Rich Text Formatting: Tools for bold, italics, underline, font size, and color adjustments.
  • Paragraph Alignment: Options to align text to the left, center, right, or justify.
  • Lists and Indents: Creation of ordered and unordered lists, and text indentation.
  • Media Embedding: Ability to insert images, videos, tables, and links.
  • Interactive Elements: Adding elements like forms, buttons, and other widgets (in web-based editors).

After you've finalized your design, click the "Source" button at the top left to view the HTML source code.