Character Entities for HTML, CSS and Javascript

HTML symbol entities copy paste. Symbol codes for HTML CSS and JavaScript, Character entities are used to display symbol characters in HTML. You can use this symbol code if you want to add a special symbol to your HTML page

Here is how to use this symbol code in HTML or CSS

Copyright Sign ©
Trade Mark Sign™
<div>copyright symbol &copy;</div>
<div>Trade Mark Sign &trade;</div>
<span class="icon-up"></span>
<span class="icon-down"></span>

.icon-up:before {
    content: "\25B2";

.icon-down:before {
    content: "\25BC";

List of special characters in HTML Arrows, Math, Punctuation, Special symbol

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Name Symbol HTML entity CSS entity JavaScript
non-breaking space   &nbsp; \00a0 \240
registered trademark ® &reg; \00ae \256
copyright © &copy; \00A9 \u00a9
pound £ &pound; \00A3 \243
double quotation " &quot; \0022 \42
single quotation ' &apos; \0027 \47
ampersand & &amp; \0026 \46
less than < &lt; \003c \46
greater than > &gt; \003e \76
euro &euro; \20AC \u20ac
yen sign ¥ &yen; \00a5 \245
Indian Rupee (INR) sign &#x20B9; \20B9 \u20B9
Ballot X &cross; \2717 \u2717
Check Mark &check; \2713 \u2713
Left Arrow &larr; \2190 \u2190
Right Arrow &rarr; \2192 \u2192
Up Arrow &uarr; \2191 \u2191
Down Arrow &darr; \2193 \u2193
Triangle left &#9668; \25C0 \u25c0
Triangle right &#9658; \25b6 \u25b6
Triangle up &#9650; \25b2 \u25b2
Triangle down &#9660; \25bc \u25bc

Big and small triangles symbols entity for HTML CSS

Name Symbol HTML Hex CSS entity JavaScript
Big triangle up &#x25B2; \25B2 \u25B2
Big triangle down &#x25BC; \25BC \u25BC
Big triangle right &#x25B6; \25B6 \u25B6
Big triangle left &#x25C0; \25C0 \u25C0
Small triangle up &#x25B4; \25B4 \u25B4
Small triangle down &#x25BE; \25BE \u25BE
Small triangle right &#x25B8; \25B8 \u25B8
Small triangle left &#x25C2; \25C2 \u25C2
Lower right triangle &#x25E2; \25E2 \u25E2
Lower left triangle &#x25E3; \25E3 \u25E3
Upper left triangle &#x25E4; \25E4 \u25E4
Upper right triangle &#x25E5; \25E5 \u25E5
White up triangle &#x25B3; \25B3 \u25B3
White down triangle &#x25BD; \25BD \u25BD
White right triangle &#x25B7; \25B7 \u25B7
White left triangle &#x25C1; \25C1 \u25C1
White Lower right triangle &#x25FF; \25FF \u25FF
White Lower left triangle &#x25FA; \25FA \u25FA
White Upper left triangle &#x25F8; \25F8 \u25F8
White Upper right triangle &#x25F9; \25F9 \u25F9
White Small triangle up &#x25B5; \25B5 \u25B5
White Small triangle down &#x25BF; \25BF \u25BF
White Small triangle right &#x25B9; \25B9 \u25B9
White Small triangle left &#x25C3; \25C3 \u25C3