How To Convert JSON To HTML Table Using JavaScript Function

Converting JSON data to an HTML table. Using JavaScript functions, you can dynamically convert and display JSON objects in a structured HTML table format. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, you'll find practical tips and code snippets to help you efficiently convert JSON data into a readable, user-friendly HTML table.

The webpage provides a detailed guide for converting JSON data to an HTML table using JavaScript. It includes code snippets for converting JSON to HTML tables and HTML tables back to JSON.

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Add JavaScript array of object without declaring it as a variable. var arrya_name = [] anonymous array object [{"..."}, {"..."}, {"..."}]

Online HTML Table To JSON Converter

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JSON to HTML Table Converter Function

Here is a JavaScript function that converts a JSON object into an HTML table

This function returns an HTML table as a string

const jsonToHtmlTable = (json) => {
    // Check if json is an array and not empty
    if (!Array.isArray(json) || json.length === 0 || typeof json[0] !== "object") {
        return "";
    // Function to escape HTML characters
    const escapeHtml = (string) => {
        return String(string).replace(/[&<>"]/g, (s) => {
            return {
                '&': '&amp;',
                '<': '&lt;',
                '>': '&gt;',
                '"': '&quot;',
            } [s];
    // Extract keys (columns) from the JSON object
    const keys = Object.keys(json[0]);
    // Create table element
    let table = '<table class="my-table">';
    // Create table header
    table += "<thead><tr>";
    keys.forEach(key => {
        table += '<th>' + escapeHtml(key) + '</th>';
    table += '</tr></thead>';
    // Create table body
    table += '<tbody>';
    json.forEach(row => {
        table += '<tr>';
        keys.forEach(key => {
            const value = row[key] !== null && row[key] !== undefined ? row[key] : "";
            table += '<td>' + escapeHtml(value) + '</td>';
        table += "</tr>";
    table += '</tbody>';
    // Close table element
    table += '</table>';
    return table;

Usage JSON to Table

<div id="preview-table"></div>
// Example usage:
// sample JSON data
const users = [
  { "name": "John", "age": 30, "city": "India" },
  { "name": "Anna", "age": 22, "city": "Japan" },
  { "name": "Mike", "age": 32, "city": "Philippines" }

const table = jsonToHtmlTable(users);
document.getElementById("preview-table").innerHTML = table;

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Table to JSON converter Function

Here is a JavaScript function that converts an HTML table into a JSON object

The function takes the ID of the table element. and returns the JSON array representing the table data

const htmlTableToJson = (table_id) => {
    // Find the table by its ID
    const table = document.getElementById(table_id);
    if (!table) {
        console.error('Table not found');
        return [];
    // Initialize an array to store the JSON data
    const json = [];
    // Get the table headers
    const headers = [];
    const header_cells = table.querySelectorAll("thead th");
    if (header_cells.length === 0) {
        console.error('No table headers found');
        return [];
    header_cells.forEach(cell => {
    // Get the table rows
    const rows = table.querySelectorAll("tbody tr");
    if (rows.length === 0) {
        console.error('No table rows found');
        return [];
    // Iterate over each table row
    rows.forEach(row => {
        const row_data = {};
        const cells = row.querySelectorAll("td");
        cells.forEach((cell, index) => {
            row_data[headers[index]] = cell.innerText.trim();
    return json;

Usage Table to JSON

To use this function, make sure you have an HTML table with the specified id.

Here is a sample HTML table

This textarea is included to preview the JSON code.

<textarea style="width:100%;height:200px;" id="preview-json"></textarea>

<table class="my-table" id="json-table">
const json_data = htmlTableToJson('json-table');
const pretty_json = JSON.stringify(json_data, null, 4);
document.getElementById("preview-json").value = pretty_json

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