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JavaScript all countries name, country code, continent name and code, phone code, currency code, currency symbol, capital name array and object.

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JavaScript Country Names List Array

This is an example of JavaScript country names array code key and value. You can add, remove, or edit array key names
    "id": 1,
    "name": "United States",
    "code": "US",
    "phone": 1,
    "continent": "North America",
    "continent_code": "NA",
    "alpha_3": "USA",
    "capital": "Washington",
    "currency": "USD",
    "symbol": "$"

Select the property key name for which you want to create a country list an array or objects. In the country array list you can include phone code, capital, continent, currency name and more...

To add a new item to the country array, click or uncheck the checkbox below

Change key name | Move columns

Here you can translate country names into other languages. The country names can be translated into Chinese, Arabic, French, German, and other languages.

Choose whether the country names should be an array or an object type.
Select array type:
JavaScript country list array
// All countries
// length 252
const countries = [
    {name: "Afghanistan",code: "AF"},
    {name: "Åland Islands",code: "AX"},
    {name: "Albania",code: "AL"},
    {name: "Algeria",code: "DZ"},
    {name: "American Samoa",code: "AS"},
    {name: "Andorra",code: "AD"},
    {name: "Angola",code: "AO"},
    {name: "Anguilla",code: "AI"},
    {name: "Antarctica",code: "AQ"},
    {name: "Antigua & Barbuda",code: "AG"},
    {name: "Argentina",code: "AR"},
    {name: "Armenia",code: "AM"},
    {name: "Aruba",code: "AW"},
    {name: "Australia",code: "AU"},
    {name: "Austria",code: "AT"},
    {name: "Azerbaijan",code: "AZ"},
    {name: "Bahamas",code: "BS"},
    {name: "Bahrain",code: "BH"},
    {name: "Bangladesh",code: "BD"},
    {name: "Barbados",code: "BB"},
    {name: "Belarus",code: "BY"},
    {name: "Belgium",code: "BE"},
    {name: "Belize",code: "BZ"},
    {name: "Benin",code: "BJ"},
    {name: "Bermuda",code: "BM"},
    {name: "Bhutan",code: "BT"},
    {name: "Bolivia",code: "BO"},
    {name: "Caribbean Netherlands",code: "BQ"},
    {name: "Bosnia & Herzegovina",code: "BA"},
    {name: "Botswana",code: "BW"},
    {name: "Bouvet Island",code: "BV"},
    {name: "Brazil",code: "BR"},
    {name: "British Indian Ocean Territory",code: "IO"},
    {name: "Brunei",code: "BN"},
    {name: "Bulgaria",code: "BG"},
    {name: "Burkina Faso",code: "BF"},
    {name: "Burundi",code: "BI"},
    {name: "Cambodia",code: "KH"},
    {name: "Cameroon",code: "CM"},
    {name: "Canada",code: "CA"},
    {name: "Cape Verde",code: "CV"},
    {name: "Cayman Islands",code: "KY"},
    {name: "Central African Republic",code: "CF"},
    {name: "Chad",code: "TD"},
    {name: "Chile",code: "CL"},
    {name: "China",code: "CN"},
    {name: "Christmas Island",code: "CX"},
    {name: "Cocos (Keeling) Islands",code: "CC"},
    {name: "Colombia",code: "CO"},
    {name: "Comoros",code: "KM"},
    {name: "Congo - Brazzaville",code: "CG"},
    {name: "Congo - Kinshasa",code: "CD"},
    {name: "Cook Islands",code: "CK"},
    {name: "Costa Rica",code: "CR"},
    {name: "Côte d’Ivoire",code: "CI"},
    {name: "Croatia",code: "HR"},
    {name: "Cuba",code: "CU"},
    {name: "Curaçao",code: "CW"},
    {name: "Cyprus",code: "CY"},
    {name: "Czechia",code: "CZ"},
    {name: "Denmark",code: "DK"},
    {name: "Djibouti",code: "DJ"},
    {name: "Dominica",code: "DM"},
    {name: "Dominican Republic",code: "DO"},
    {name: "Ecuador",code: "EC"},
    {name: "Egypt",code: "EG"},
    {name: "El Salvador",code: "SV"},
    {name: "Equatorial Guinea",code: "GQ"},
    {name: "Eritrea",code: "ER"},
    {name: "Estonia",code: "EE"},
    {name: "Ethiopia",code: "ET"},
    {name: "Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)",code: "FK"},
    {name: "Faroe Islands",code: "FO"},
    {name: "Fiji",code: "FJ"},
    {name: "Finland",code: "FI"},
    {name: "France",code: "FR"},
    {name: "French Guiana",code: "GF"},
    {name: "French Polynesia",code: "PF"},
    {name: "French Southern Territories",code: "TF"},
    {name: "Gabon",code: "GA"},
    {name: "Gambia",code: "GM"},
    {name: "Georgia",code: "GE"},
    {name: "Germany",code: "DE"},
    {name: "Ghana",code: "GH"},
    {name: "Gibraltar",code: "GI"},
    {name: "Greece",code: "GR"},
    {name: "Greenland",code: "GL"},
    {name: "Grenada",code: "GD"},
    {name: "Guadeloupe",code: "GP"},
    {name: "Guam",code: "GU"},
    {name: "Guatemala",code: "GT"},
    {name: "Guernsey",code: "GG"},
    {name: "Guinea",code: "GN"},
    {name: "Guinea-Bissau",code: "GW"},
    {name: "Guyana",code: "GY"},
    {name: "Haiti",code: "HT"},
    {name: "Heard & McDonald Islands",code: "HM"},
    {name: "Vatican City",code: "VA"},
    {name: "Honduras",code: "HN"},
    {name: "Hong Kong",code: "HK"},
    {name: "Hungary",code: "HU"},
    {name: "Iceland",code: "IS"},
    {name: "India",code: "IN"},
    {name: "Indonesia",code: "ID"},
    {name: "Iran",code: "IR"},
    {name: "Iraq",code: "IQ"},
    {name: "Ireland",code: "IE"},
    {name: "Isle of Man",code: "IM"},
    {name: "Israel",code: "IL"},
    {name: "Italy",code: "IT"},
    {name: "Jamaica",code: "JM"},
    {name: "Japan",code: "JP"},
    {name: "Jersey",code: "JE"},
    {name: "Jordan",code: "JO"},
    {name: "Kazakhstan",code: "KZ"},
    {name: "Kenya",code: "KE"},
    {name: "Kiribati",code: "KI"},
    {name: "North Korea",code: "KP"},
    {name: "South Korea",code: "KR"},
    {name: "Kosovo",code: "XK"},
    {name: "Kuwait",code: "KW"},
    {name: "Kyrgyzstan",code: "KG"},
    {name: "Laos",code: "LA"},
    {name: "Latvia",code: "LV"},
    {name: "Lebanon",code: "LB"},
    {name: "Lesotho",code: "LS"},
    {name: "Liberia",code: "LR"},
    {name: "Libya",code: "LY"},
    {name: "Liechtenstein",code: "LI"},
    {name: "Lithuania",code: "LT"},
    {name: "Luxembourg",code: "LU"},
    {name: "Macao",code: "MO"},
    {name: "North Macedonia",code: "MK"},
    {name: "Madagascar",code: "MG"},
    {name: "Malawi",code: "MW"},
    {name: "Malaysia",code: "MY"},
    {name: "Maldives",code: "MV"},
    {name: "Mali",code: "ML"},
    {name: "Malta",code: "MT"},
    {name: "Marshall Islands",code: "MH"},
    {name: "Martinique",code: "MQ"},
    {name: "Mauritania",code: "MR"},
    {name: "Mauritius",code: "MU"},
    {name: "Mayotte",code: "YT"},
    {name: "Mexico",code: "MX"},
    {name: "Micronesia",code: "FM"},
    {name: "Moldova",code: "MD"},
    {name: "Monaco",code: "MC"},
    {name: "Mongolia",code: "MN"},
    {name: "Montenegro",code: "ME"},
    {name: "Montserrat",code: "MS"},
    {name: "Morocco",code: "MA"},
    {name: "Mozambique",code: "MZ"},
    {name: "Myanmar (Burma)",code: "MM"},
    {name: "Namibia",code: "NA"},
    {name: "Nauru",code: "NR"},
    {name: "Nepal",code: "NP"},
    {name: "Netherlands",code: "NL"},
    {name: "Curaçao",code: "AN"},
    {name: "New Caledonia",code: "NC"},
    {name: "New Zealand",code: "NZ"},
    {name: "Nicaragua",code: "NI"},
    {name: "Niger",code: "NE"},
    {name: "Nigeria",code: "NG"},
    {name: "Niue",code: "NU"},
    {name: "Norfolk Island",code: "NF"},
    {name: "Northern Mariana Islands",code: "MP"},
    {name: "Norway",code: "NO"},
    {name: "Oman",code: "OM"},
    {name: "Pakistan",code: "PK"},
    {name: "Palau",code: "PW"},
    {name: "Palestine",code: "PS"},
    {name: "Panama",code: "PA"},
    {name: "Papua New Guinea",code: "PG"},
    {name: "Paraguay",code: "PY"},
    {name: "Peru",code: "PE"},
    {name: "Philippines",code: "PH"},
    {name: "Pitcairn Islands",code: "PN"},
    {name: "Poland",code: "PL"},
    {name: "Portugal",code: "PT"},
    {name: "Puerto Rico",code: "PR"},
    {name: "Qatar",code: "QA"},
    {name: "Réunion",code: "RE"},
    {name: "Romania",code: "RO"},
    {name: "Russia",code: "RU"},
    {name: "Rwanda",code: "RW"},
    {name: "St. Barthélemy",code: "BL"},
    {name: "St. Helena",code: "SH"},
    {name: "St. Kitts & Nevis",code: "KN"},
    {name: "St. Lucia",code: "LC"},
    {name: "St. Martin",code: "MF"},
    {name: "St. Pierre & Miquelon",code: "PM"},
    {name: "St. Vincent & Grenadines",code: "VC"},
    {name: "Samoa",code: "WS"},
    {name: "San Marino",code: "SM"},
    {name: "São Tomé & Príncipe",code: "ST"},
    {name: "Saudi Arabia",code: "SA"},
    {name: "Senegal",code: "SN"},
    {name: "Serbia",code: "RS"},
    {name: "Serbia",code: "CS"},
    {name: "Seychelles",code: "SC"},
    {name: "Sierra Leone",code: "SL"},
    {name: "Singapore",code: "SG"},
    {name: "Sint Maarten",code: "SX"},
    {name: "Slovakia",code: "SK"},
    {name: "Slovenia",code: "SI"},
    {name: "Solomon Islands",code: "SB"},
    {name: "Somalia",code: "SO"},
    {name: "South Africa",code: "ZA"},
    {name: "South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands",code: "GS"},
    {name: "South Sudan",code: "SS"},
    {name: "Spain",code: "ES"},
    {name: "Sri Lanka",code: "LK"},
    {name: "Sudan",code: "SD"},
    {name: "Suriname",code: "SR"},
    {name: "Svalbard & Jan Mayen",code: "SJ"},
    {name: "Eswatini",code: "SZ"},
    {name: "Sweden",code: "SE"},
    {name: "Switzerland",code: "CH"},
    {name: "Syria",code: "SY"},
    {name: "Taiwan",code: "TW"},
    {name: "Tajikistan",code: "TJ"},
    {name: "Tanzania",code: "TZ"},
    {name: "Thailand",code: "TH"},
    {name: "Timor-Leste",code: "TL"},
    {name: "Togo",code: "TG"},
    {name: "Tokelau",code: "TK"},
    {name: "Tonga",code: "TO"},
    {name: "Trinidad & Tobago",code: "TT"},
    {name: "Tunisia",code: "TN"},
    {name: "Turkey",code: "TR"},
    {name: "Turkmenistan",code: "TM"},
    {name: "Turks & Caicos Islands",code: "TC"},
    {name: "Tuvalu",code: "TV"},
    {name: "Uganda",code: "UG"},
    {name: "Ukraine",code: "UA"},
    {name: "United Arab Emirates",code: "AE"},
    {name: "United Kingdom",code: "GB"},
    {name: "United States",code: "US"},
    {name: "U.S. Outlying Islands",code: "UM"},
    {name: "Uruguay",code: "UY"},
    {name: "Uzbekistan",code: "UZ"},
    {name: "Vanuatu",code: "VU"},
    {name: "Venezuela",code: "VE"},
    {name: "Vietnam",code: "VN"},
    {name: "British Virgin Islands",code: "VG"},
    {name: "U.S. Virgin Islands",code: "VI"},
    {name: "Wallis & Futuna",code: "WF"},
    {name: "Western Sahara",code: "EH"},
    {name: "Yemen",code: "YE"},
    {name: "Zambia",code: "ZM"},
    {name: "Zimbabwe",code: "ZW"}

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