HTML Quiz App Generator

Generating a simple JavaScript Quiz App. Enter your quiz app questions and its options in the box below and then click on the generate button below.

Features of this Quiz app

  • Set timer.
  • Show quiz score as percentage.
  • View correct answer options.
  • Randomize questions.
  • Go back to the previous question.
  • After completing the quiz you will see all the questions and their answers.
  • You can add a JavaScript coding question.

Step 1

Enter the question and their options in the box below. If you have JavaScript coding questions enter the second column Text box. If you do not have the code, leave it blank.

When given options, enter the correct answer in the first box. You have to write the answers in the four options text box. Then click on the Insert button.

Step 2

In the second box, you can see the question list. there you can check questions and options and edit or delete questions. and also make drag up-down and rearrange

Step 3

Set Quiz app settings

Step 4

Click the Generate button and you will get the HTML CSS JavaScript JSON code. You can download it as a zip file

Demo Quiz:

Enter Your Question


The correct answer should be given in the first box and then it will be rearranged

Quiz questions drag and reorder or edit delete
  • 1
    Which of the following is the correct syntax to redirect a URL using JavaScript?
  • 2
    Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?
  • 3
    Which of the following is a valid JavaScript file extension?
  • 4
    What does CSS stand for?
  • 5
    what will be the output of this code?
Quiz Settings
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Highlight code (JS question code)

After generating the code you will get the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON code separately.

You can download these codes individually or in full as a ZIP file. This code can be run or edited by clicking on the button below.

Click the Generate code button if any changes have been made

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